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【Okonomiyaki KURAWANKA

KURAWANKA is an Okonomiyaki(※) restaurant on Miyajima, an island famous for being
a world heritage site. We recommend tourists visiting Miyajima try the Okonomiyaki because it’s the speciality of Hiroshima.

In the restaurant the Okonomiyaki is cooked and served on a griddle which is 6m long and 18mm thick. The delicious smells of the Okonomiyaki and the sauce fill the restaurant.

People from all over the world enjoy eating Okonomiyaki. The sincere restaurant owner, a former railway man, has been pouring his heart into making Okonomiyaki for over 16 years.    ( 2007/09/08 )

※ Okonomiyaki is one of Japanese food cooking on iron plate.
“Okonomi”means “what you like” and “yaki” means “grilled” or “cooked”thus, the name of this dish means “cook what you like, the way you like.”

Kansai type is cooked dough of mixture of cabbage, egg, meat, cuttlefish, and so on.
Hiroshima type is cooked by piling up dough, cabbage, bean sprout, noodles,egg, etc. So, difference of that two is how to cook [mix or pile up].
Hiroshima type is more enjoyable to taste each of ingredients, though we
recommend it.

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【くらわんか】 は、世界遺産の島、宮島にあるお好み焼き屋(※)です、宮島観光のランチ
 カウンターには 長さ6mの長い鉄板(厚さ18mm)があり、ソースのいい匂いが溢れています。
元鉄道員、キャリア16年の実直な店主がこころを込めて作ります。 ( 2007/09/08 )

つまり、両者の違いは、その料理法「混ぜるか 積み上げるか」ということです。

   広島風お好み焼き くらわんか  TEL:0829−44−2077



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